General NickServ in-network help:

/msg NickServ HELP [COMMAND]

Without a [COMMAND] parameter, this will list the NickServ commands and descriptions. If you fill in the [command] parameter it will give you detailed instructions on that command.

To use the awesome features from NickServ, you must first register your nick. Make sure you're using the nick that you want by typing:

/nick <nick>

Then type this to register your nick:

/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>

Make sure that you use a valid email, as you'll have to confirm that it is yours. If you don't get the email you may have the server resend it to you using this command:

/msg NickServ RESEND

Every time you join Snoonet after registering your nick, you'll be prompted for your password. Just type this:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

and you'll be logged in!

Most clients offer a way to save your password so that you do not have to manually type it each time. For client specific help, visit #TechSupport!

Forgot your password? No problem. Use this:

/msg NickServ RESETPASS <nick> <email>

Sometimes you get disconnected, but your nick is still present on the network. When this happens you can regain control of your nick by typing:

/msg NickServ GHOST <nick> <password>


/msg NickServ RECOVER <nick> <password>

You can have multiple nicks. Just switch to the nick you want to add to your registered nick and type:

/msg NickServ GROUP <mainnick> <password>

to undo it, type: /msg NickServ UNGROUP [nick]

To see all the nicknames you have in your group, type:

/msg NickServ GLIST

If you no longer wish to have your nickname registered, type:

/msg NickServ DROP <nick>

To view the information about your nick, such as when you registered, type:

/msg NickServ INFO <nick>

To edit the items that people can view about you with the INFO command such as your facebook or email, type:

/msg NickServ SET [option]

You can also set up a list of channels to join automatically when you log in! The command for this is:

/msg NickServ AJOIN {ADD|DEL} [nickname] <channel> [key]

To view your autojoin channels, type:

/msg NickServ AJOIN LIST

List channels you have access on:

/msg ChanServ ALIST
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